Is Your Dog Ready for Hurricane Season?

September 18, 2019

Australian shepherd sits next to a bag of dog food, thundershirt, toys, water, and medicineHurricane season is a big deal here in Florida. September 10th is the peak of the season, so we are right in the heart of it. Florida has had a few close calls this year including the most recent, category 5 hurricane, Dorian. This has me thinking about disaster preparedness for my pup. As a lifelong Floridian, I know to keep water, snacks, batteries, and my car filled with gas during this time but dogs can’t prepare themselves. That job is up to us as well. Below are some tips for preparing your dog for a disaster scenario.

Checklist for your Dog Disaster Preparedness:

  1. Food-enough for at least a week in case you need to leave the state or stay at a shelter
  2. Fresh Water-Remember to get enough water for both you and your dog(s)
  3. Identify a Dog Friendly Shelter near you-Check out Bring Fido for information about shelters and hotels that allow dogs
  4. Medical Records-If you do leave your home make sure to bring up to date veterinary records
  5. Medicine/First Aid Kit-If your dog is on any medication make sure to have their medicine refilled prior to an emergency, including flea/tick medication. It is also a good idea to have some kind of first aid kit with you in case your pup gets hurt.
  6. ID Tags/ID Chip up to date-Make sure your dogs have their ID tags securely attached to their collars and that the information on them is correct. This also goes for a microchip if your dog has one. Make sure, if there is one, that the membership is paid and the contact info provided is correct.
  7. Pet Carrier-Be sure to bring a pet carrier for pets small enough to stay in one. Check with your designated shelter to see if a carrier or crate is needed, as some shelters require them for the safety of your pet and others.
  8. Slip Leashes-A good idea is to have a couple of slip leashes on hand. Frightened animals can back out of their collar and escape but a slip leash will hold them securely. Keep one in your pocket in case you or someone else needs it. These can be used to restrain a cat in a pinch as well.
  9. Toys/Thunder Shirt etc.-This one would be more last minute but be sure to bring a favorite toy, Thunder Shirt, or whatever helps keep your pet calm in a stressful situation.

Above all remember to be vigilant and safe when it comes to mother nature. Watch the paths and take precautions when necessary. It is a stressful/uncertain time for everyone involved when there is a major storm headed our way. Be prepared and be kind!


Have a great week!


Jess & Lily

Girl standing in a field holding up an Australian shepherd in her arms






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