Brooke & Marley | A Pawdoption Story

September 10, 2019

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Welcome back to Doggo Bloggo, this week we meet Brooke and Marley! Marley was pawdopted by Brooke and her family after she was dropped off at the end of their street. Below is part of the interview as well as a Doggo Vloggo where you get to see more of Marley and her cute antics.

Interview (Answers are paraphrased)


Girl and her dog sit on the couch as she looks at the dogQuestion: How did you and Marley meet?

On March 30th 2019 I received an alert on my phone from our Ring Doorbell. I saw a car pull up and what looked like a large squirrel jumping out of it. The car then drove away. I soon realized it was obviously a dog. I went outside with a bag of dog food and poured some on the ground to get her to come to me. She walked over and put her head on my chest and it was all over from there. She was a part of the family and fit right in from the start.


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Question: I know you have other animals and children, how did she integrate with them?

Yes, we have 3 other dogs, a cat, and 4 children. Our home is VERY full! We were unsure at first how she would do but she has turned out to be the best behaved animal or child in the house. She’s super tolerant of the kids wanting to touch all over her and the other dogs wanting to run and play. The way she has just stepped into the family so easily still blows all of our minds. She was adopted from a shelter 45 minutes away from us. That woman sold her on craigslist not 3 days later claiming to not have space for her. She sold her to the man that ended up dropping her in our front yard less than an hour after picking her up.

I have no clue why they didn’t want her. She is the sweetest, most loving dog. She is great with our kids and our other dogs. The only thing we have found to be an issue, other than her running away twice across a busy highway, is that she doesn’t like anyone wearing a hat. She gets very scared and defensive. We always make sure anyone coming to visit takes their hat off before the enter the house.



dog stands at the edge of an above ground pool preparing to jump in

Dog paws with dewclawsQuestion: What are some fun quirks you’ve learned about Marley since you’ve had her?

She steals alllll of the socks. Marley loves to swim, and float on her raft in the pool. Chasing the cat down the road then running to Huddle House is her favorite thing to do, and my least favorite. To get there she has to pass over a busy highway, so now she can’t go outside without a leash, even in the fenced backyard until we can figure out a way to keep her in.  She also has front and hind leg dewclaws. I am not sure what breed or mix this is from. We want to do a Doggy DNA test with her soon, and find out what exactly she is made of.

Our family has been through a lot in the past year and when this dog showed up, it really felt like it was meant to be. The kids were attached instantly. We had called animal control to confirm she was not someone else’s dog that had been stolen and dropped. When we did, we were told that they would have to take her back to the shelter to be processed and if we wanted to adopt her we would have to go there and pay their fee. After some talking and pleading to the representative, and getting the original adopter to switch over the microchip information to us, he let us keep our girl. The rest is history.

grey floppy eared dog sticks out tongue while looking at the camera


“She is just so special.”


Be sure to check out the video portion of our interview as well on the youtube channel Doggo Vloggo and subscribe so you never miss a video!:

If you have a pawdoption story you’d like to share and you live in the central Florida area let us know!


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    Oh she sounds like such a sweet thing. We really like the dog too!!