Keeping Boating Doggos Safe

September 16, 2020

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Summer is winding down and fall is beginning all over, but here in Florida we still have quite a few months of boating weather left. I wanted to share some quick tips for keeping your pup safe if you are taking them on a boat ride with you or going to the beach for a day of fun.

Boating Saftey

Doggos are the cutest when they stand at the front of the boat with their fur/ears blowing in the breeze but this isn’t the safest spot for them. One of the scariest moments can be if your pup falls or jumps off the boat while it is moving so avoid this by keeping them in a more centrally located part of the boat where you can keep hold of them or if it is safe for you to do so, sit with them up and keep a hold on them there.

Doggo Life Jacket

As pictured with Baby Lily on her first boat ride at 12 weeks old at the top of this blog. Life jackets are a great idea for puppies and dogs that aren’t confident or strong swimmers. If you are out where other boats are it is a good idea to put your pup in a life jacket also for visibility purposes even if they are a good swimmer.

Algae Dangers

Remember to check advisories for water in your area. There can be red tide in the ocean, and blue-green algae in freshwater. Some are more toxic to your pup than others but it is best to just be safe and avoid these by researching the health of the water near you before you set out.

Wildlife Dangers

This seems like an obvious one but sharks, alligators, and other large water-based animals are all something to keep an eye out for. This goes back to the old idea of if you would be concerned to let your child swim there then don’t let your pet.

Heat Reminder

Remember here in Florida and many places still heat is one of the biggest concerns. Keep cool water and have areas with shade for your pup to cool down at all times. Check out this recent blog all about heat and keeping your doggos safe: Keep Your Pup Cool & Safe in the Summer Months

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We hope you have a fantastic week. Stay Safe, Live, Love, and Pet all the animals!


Jess & Lily

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