Keep Your Pup Cool & Safe in the Summer Months

July 8, 2020

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It is definitely summer time! Tampa Florida tied with it’s record the other day for highest temperature for that day ever with 99 degrees fahrenheit. Every day in the past two weeks my weather app has had a “feel like” temperature reading over 100 up to 112. Lily and I have been walking 2.5 miles a day and recently I’ve been worried about her paws as well as keeping her cool so she doesn’t have heat stroke. Last week we shared a DIY Paw Wax and below are a couple other ways to help protect your pup during these hot months.

Dog in dog booties laying on groundDoggo Booties

I recently decided to buy some dog booties for my dog. I always associated them with dogs in winter climates but they can also be helpful in these extremely hot climates as well. As I said Lily and I have been walking in the evening and I know the sidewalk is hot. I try to keep her in the grass when possible but it isn’t always an option. I have also noticed a large amount of glass on the side of road from accidents or people throwing bottles out in our area and I worry for her paws. If you can get your pup to try the booties it may be something you want to consider. This is the link for the boots I purchased. Check out my instagram post to see Lily walk in her boots for the first time.

Time of Day for Walks

During the summer months consider changing the time of day your pup goes on a walk. Early morning or just before sunset is a cooler time and could make it easier on you and your pup. If you have your dog walked by a dog walker this is something to consider for them as well. If you are looking for a dog walker, consider trying out WAG! when you sign up you can use my promo code, JESSICA3650, or follow my wag promo link to get money towards your first walk.

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Dog drinks out of a dog auto mugWater Bottle with Bowl

When on a walk make sure you bring some water and a bowl for you pup. There are also bottles that have the bowl built right in like the one I have here: Highwave AutoDogMug. It is easy to use and is a water receptacle/bowl all in one. All you have to do is squeeze the bottle and the water fills up at the top. When you’re done you release and the water that hasn’t been licked up will go back into the bottle. The bottle comes with a clip so you can clip it to your belt loop if you’re walking around. It is perfect for on the go.

Cooling Mat

Cooling mats are great to keep around the house even when the air conditioner is on. My pup loves hers and uses it to keep cool when she’s in the living room with me as I have carpet throughout the main living area. They come in many sizes and colors and can be purchased just about anywhere they sell dog items. Check out Chewy’s options here.

Don’t Shave Your Pet

During the summer months it seems reasonable to trim your pet’s fur and it is. You can trim their fur but do not shave them. Dog’s fur keeps them safe from the sunburn and overheating. If you are unsure how much to trim, consult a professional groomer to be sure you aren’t doing more harm than good for your pup.

We hope you have a fantastic week. Stay Safe, Live, Love, and Pet all the animals!


Jess & Lily

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