Is Your Pup Truly Happy? |11 Signs Your Doggo is Content

September 30, 2020

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Have you wondered if your pup is truly happy? Below are 11 signs that your pup is happy as can be!

Relaxed Eyes/Mouth/Ears

When your pup is able to relax their body and muscles it is because they are happy and comfortable around you.

A High & Wagging Tail

This is probably the most well-known sign your dog is a happy pooch.


A happy dog is more likely to want to play and leap around.

They lean into you

A relaxed dog who enjoys your company is more likely to also enjoy your attention. They may come to you for attention and it’s a good sign if they lean into your hand when you stroke them.

Not destructive

Destructive dogs are usually bored. A content dog is a lot less likely to chew on your things and instead chew on their toys.

Eats well

While some dogs are pickier eaters than others, a happy dog is going to want to eat.


A happy dog should be up and moving for most of the day, exploring things, chewing on toys, and more. Age and personality can affect this as well but in general, a happy dog is active.

Wants to spend time with you

A happy dog will want to spend time with his family and will come to you for attention. Of course, there are differences in personalities that need to be taken into account, but for the most part, a happy dog wants to hang out with his people.

Is healthy

Your dog’s health is a great sign of whether they are happy or not. A healthy dog is a happy dog!

Gets excited

A happy dog gets excited about things like dinner, you, playing, walks, etc.- whatever it is that your dog loves.

Sleeps well

A happy relaxed pup finds a comfy place and drifts off to sleep. When a dog is stressed they wake up a lot and move to new spots.


We hope you have a fantastic week. Stay Safe, Live, Love, and Pet all the animals!


Jess & Lily

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