A Pawdoption Story | Doris & Baby

December 25, 2019

On Doggo Vloggo this week we interviewed Doris about her newest addition, Baby. Check out the interview below including the video version!

Interview (some answers are paraphrased)


Question: Where/When Did you meet Baby?

My daughter, granddaughter, and I went to a cat show at the auditorium, not to get a cat of course. When we walked in there were 7 cages with cats for adoption. I am partial to black and white cats because my LS (most recent previous cat) was black and white. So I saw her and it was like, I don’t think I can leave here without her. Lane and Jessica said they would take care of her if I can’t anymore, at some point, so I took her home and she became boss. She’s been with me since April 27th so this is going to be her first Christmas here.


Question: How old is she and do you know her breed?

She will be 4 years on in 2020 in March. They told me she is a Turkish Van cat. I think her chin hair looks like a Maine Coon’s. I comb them down but they pop out.


Question: Have you noticed any quirks she has in the time you’ve had her?

She loves to get up at 5 o’clock in the morning! But I’ve trained her pretty well by setting an alarm and teaching her that she can’t eat until the alarm goes off. That doesn’t always stop her though from getting up at 4:30/5:00 and meowing. I stick to my guns and make her wait so that she gets closer to when the alarm is going to go off and won’t wake me up.


Question: What are some of her favorite spots in the house?

She loves her cat perch. She’s up high and can see everything. She also loves to sit in the front window because there is a bird bath out there and she gets to watch the Cardinals. Sometimes she sleeps in the bed and sometimes it’s a recliner. Like most cats she sleeps wherever she wants to.


Question: Does she have favorite treats?

She LOVES her salmon treats. They are freeze dried bits of salmon. She will come from anywhere to get it. I’m trying to get her to eat healthier. She is a big cat, she’s supposed to be big but she’s a little overweight right now. Last time we weighed her I think she was 20 pounds, but when she was 15 pounds the vet said she was fine, so we are working on getting her back down. She loves to eat!


Question: Is there anything else about Baby that we should know about?

I waited a long time to get a new cat. When my cat died almost 2 years ago he was only 8 years old. My daughter, son, and granddaughter were urging me to get another cat but I was hesitant. Then one day I stumbled upon a poem that said something like ” You gave one cat a good home and another cat needs a home, so why not give them a good home too.” She was adopted twice before and it didn’t work out, one owner was allergic, one had a dog. So she was just meant to come live here.


Be sure to check out the video portion of our interview as well on the youtube channel Doggo Vloggo and subscribe so you never miss a video!:

If you have a pawdoption story you’d like to share and you live in the central Florida area let me know!


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