A Pawdoption Story | Donna, Rex, & Mable Mae

November 20, 2019

couple poses with their dog for jessica shaw photography lifestyle pet photography based in tampa

On Doggo Vloggo this week we interviewed Donna and Rex about their newest addition Miss Mable Mae Young. Check out the interview below including the video version!

Interview (some answers are paraphrased)


Dog licks lips sitting on the back of a couchQuestion: Where/When Did you meet Mable Mae?

I had submitted my information on adoptapet.com about what kind of dog I was looking for. We wanted an adult, female, small dog. I kept getting emails about potential puppies and nothing seemed to suit us. Then Mable popped up and we both liked her. So we met her just to see if it was a good fit. Her owner was going into a nursing home and his family couldn’t take her either. We met her and Rex took her for a walk, she was just wonderful. He opened our van door to get something out of it and she just hopped right in! So we took her home and that’s been almost 2 months ago and she has worked her way into our hearts and she’s just part of the family now.


Question: How old is she and do you know her breed?

She is about 4.5 years old and they told us that she is a Parsons Russell Terrier which is in the Jack Russell breed family. I’m not sure what else is mixed in, if there is anything because we don’t have papers. She behaves like a Jack Russell. We call her our ratter. She would very much like to catch a rat, or a squirrel, or a raven, anything that moves.


couple poses with their dog for jessica shaw photography lifestyle pet photography based in tampaQuestion: It’s been a while since you’ve had a dog in the house full time. What made you take the leap?

Tax breaks…Just kidding! We had 2 wonderful dogs prior to her. One passed away from cancer. Then we had the remaining pup Cindy Lou. She finally just got very old and passed. It took us a long time before we could open our hearts to another puppy. It took Rex a little longer than me to want another dog. Rex was away a lot because of work and his involvement with local community theatre and I wanted a companion. I am retired so I just wanted someone with me. Finally I talked him into it and here we are.


Question: Have you noticed Any funny traits/quirks that she has?

She has so many cute things. When her bowl is empty she will dig at the bottom of the bowl with two paws as if there is something that is below the stainless steel bowl. She will drag it out to the middle of the floor and put her head on it like a pillow and wait. It usually works. When she wants to go out she will come over, jump, and push on us like hellllllo helllllllllo. But her cutest thing is The Piggy Meter. When she goes on her walks she is sniffing everything. She’s hunting, she starts to make this snorting, oinkish sound that goes up as she gets closer to things, then comes back down. She loves to chase anything. Mable is 15 pounds of “I will kick your ass.” One day we ran into a Great Dane puppy and he just wanted to play but she wasn’t having it. She was gonna eat him whole, so I had to pick her up and take her home. If she wants to be, she can be ferocious.

couple poses with their dog for jessica shaw photography lifestyle pet photography based in tampa

Question: Does she have a favorite spot in the house?

She’s got like 40 special spots to sleep in. She likes her chair, our laps, the beds. She will get up and watch doggy tv out of the window. That is one of her favorites. Her crate is a place she will go to on her own and lay down. She has a preferred bed time. If I am not in bed when she wants me to be she will come out and get me.

Question: Is there anything else about Mable that we should know about?

Mable likes any kind of petting you want to give her. She’s hilarious, she can kiss your whole finger all the way around, that tongue just goes all the way around. Very loving, very sweet, if you looked up cute puppy, or good pet in the dictionary there would be a picture of her. It’s almost as if she was just meant to be ours. She loves us both and spreads the love equally between us. We just have to push in all the chairs at the dining room table because she will try to get onto the table.


Be sure to check out the video portion of our interview as well on the youtube channel Doggo Vloggo and subscribe so you never miss a video!:

If you have a pawdoption story you’d like to share and you live in the central Florida area let me know!


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