Lily’s Lymphoma Treatment Protocol

November 14, 2019

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In last week’s bloggo I mentioned sharing what Lily’s chemotherapy protocol is. I want to remind you that I am no expert and only have our experience to go by. There were several options presented to us at the beginning of this journey. After some thought and conversations with Lily’s oncologist, we went with what is called the CHOP Protocol. This is the same protocol used on some humans for their cancer as well.

What is CHOP?

According to Cancer.Gov the acronym of CHOP stands for the drugs used in the regimen. “An abbreviation for a chemotherapy combination that is used to treat non-Hodgkin lymphoma and is being studied in the treatment of other types of cancer. It includes the drugs cyclophosphamide, doxorubicin hydrochloride (hydroxydaunorubicin), vincristine sulfate (Oncovin), and prednisone. Also called CHOP.”

CHOP protocol for clientsLily’s Chemotherapy Protocol

See above for the chart that shows Lily’s Protocol. There are three drugs administered over a course of 6 months plus Prednisone. For Lily the prednisone was taken for the first 4 weeks. Each week it was tapered down until she was off of it completely. For the first 8 treatments she gets a CBC (complete blood count) Panel done and the drug administered every week. Now Lily ran into some issues with her white blood cell count being just a tad too low after her treatment with Vincristine to treat the next week. So we have been taking each week after that off so that she can be in tip top shape for treatment. If you take a look at the chart next week (11/20/19) will be her “week 9” treatment of Doxorubicin. She had to get an echocardiogram the first time to make sure her heart was in good shape and we got the all clear. So, that won’t be something we have to do this time. After that we are officially halfway done with her treatment. We will then start going every other week where she will get the CBC Panel done and treatment administered until treatments are done. The scheduled date of her last treatment is 3/11/20.

What else can you do?

I have done a lot of research. When I say a lot, I mean A LOT! It can all start to bog you down and really takes a toll on you mentally and emotionally. Everyone has an opinion, magic cure, next best thing, whatever; you name it, there’s an opinion out there from a million and one people. I have sifted through so many books, articles, reviews, and much more. There will be links to some books I have gotten insight from at the bottom of this blog. Personally I have decided that I am going to try a few things, but, I am going to wait until after treatment is over. I want to set her up for a healthy life after chemo but I do not want to change her diet or anything during treatment that could adversely affect her. Many of the books I’ve read recommend you start some of the things right away but again, this is just the decision I have made.

What I am doing in the Future

I am going to slowly change her food, right now she is on Blue Buffalo Wilderness but I really want her on a more human grade food. She is going to try The Honest Kitchen and see how it goes. I may introduce another kibble type food along with it but I haven’t decided what kind yet. There are several recipes and supplements I am considering but haven’t definitely decided. I am going to getting her some green tea. Green tea of course is known for helping expel toxins from our body so that is what I will be using it with her for. The recipe from the book is:

Green Tea Recipe

  • Yeild 4 Cups
  • 1 tea bag or 1 tablespoon loose tea leaves
  • Steep for 15 mins, store for up to 3 days covered
  • Add 1/2 cup to meal twice a day
  • If dog isn’t eating do not administer

What I am doing now

One thing I’ve decided to work with right away though is, lymphatic massage therapy. I have a wonderful dog walk client/friend Paula Phelps Smart LMT that has shown me how to work on Lily’s lymph nodes to improve their function and encourage the movement of the lymph fluid throughout the body. She is going outside for some good old fashioned Vitamin D from the sun and I am also cutting unnecessary grains and sugars from her diet.

Remember for the month of November, in honor of Pet Cancer Awareness Month, for each session booked with Jessica Shaw Photography, We are donating 10% to pet cancer research.

We hope this has been informative and look forward to seeing you back next week!


Jess & Lily

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