A Pawdoption Story | Alicia and Chloe

October 8, 2019

A girl gives her cat a kiss on the cheek.

On Doggo Vloggo this week we interviewed Alicia about her precious little kitty Chloe. Check out the interview below including the video version!

Interview (some answers are paraphrased)


A girl sits in a chair looking lovingly at her cat that is on the arm restQuestion: Can you tell us who this is and how you met?

I got Chloe 7 years ago in my 2nd year of college. A friend of mine, Alecia, said she had some kitties and asked if I wanted one. I, of course, said yes and drove to her house to meet the kitties. Chloe was hiding under a recliner when I got there, when she finally came out I got her wrapped up in a blanket. I brought her home and sat on the floor with her. I was letting her do her little kitty thing, smelling around, then after about five minutes of being home she walked over, curled up in my lap, and fell asleep. My little heart just broke and I was like “You’re my baby forever and ever.” So yeah, she’s just been her bratty little self ever since.


Cat lays on the floor with a toy in front of herQuestion: What are some funny quirks Chloe has?

Well, she does this one thing, I’m not sure if it’s a normal thing for cats, or if it’s just her, she will be smelling something on the floor or somewhere and when you call her name to get her attention she will look at you and her mouth will just be open. She’s staring at you with an open mouth and I die laughing every time. Also, sometimes in the middle of the night I’ll hear her meowing in the other room and I’ll go to check on her. I’ll walk out and she’ll just be sitting there with a toy in front of her. It’s always her little cheetah toy that she’s had since she was a kitten.


cat sits on couch edge next to a window and stares at the cameraQuestion: Is there anything else you’d want to share about her with us?

She’s a Brat! But no, she’s a sweetheart. She’s the queen of the house. Like any cat, she likes me to pet her and to play with her but has her moments where she wants to be left alone. She has a favorite blanket that she claimed of mine. She has slept next to me since the day I brought her home.



Be sure to check out the video portion of our interview as well on the youtube channel Doggo Vloggo and subscribe so you never miss a video!:

If you have a pawdoption story you’d like to share and you live in the central Florida area let me know!


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