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August 27, 2019

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Something we don’t want to think about but we need to be prepared for is the unfortunate end of life with our pets. Very few pets outlive us. When making a decision about your loved one after passing, you want all the facts and all the options. There is an option I wasn’t aware was available until my friend went through the process about two months ago. If you haven’t seen that blog/vlog visit here: A Pawdoption Story | Stephanie & Boo. Below is information about an amazing company/people that are here for you in this tragic moment of losing your best friend.

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The Options

You have a few options at the end of your pet’s life. Here are the most popular:

  • Flame Cremation
  • Burial
  • Taxidermy
  • Aquamation

Natures Pet Loss is an Aquamation facility. They are located in central west Florida, in Brooksville. Aquamation is an eco-friendly and safe process called hydrolysis alkaline. Their Aquamation Service offers you and your family a gentler, water based alternative method to harsh flame based cremation services. Nature’s pet loss is available to contact 24/7.

Nature's pet loss lobbyAquamation The Process

The process of Aquamation is a pretty fascinating. In aquamation the process includes:

  • 95% warm water 5% Alkalinity
  • 24 hours to break down 4-14 days to dry
  • Left with bone remains similar to fire cremation
  • No RNA or DNA is left, no methane gasses either
  • Stainless steel cradle, guarantees that you receive only your pet remains, it is the only process that is sterilized and a truly private process
  • No pollution-Eco Friendly
  • All prosthesis survive, as plastic doesn’t break down in this gentle processes


For a more in depth discussion about the Aquamation Process please visit this link: Natures Pet Loss Aquamation Process.

For a more in depth look at the differences between Flame Cremation, Aquamation, and Burial visit this link: Compare and Contrast the Options.

What else does Natures Pet Loss Provide?Nature's pet loss pendant options

  • They are available to go to your vet’s office or your home 24/7 to compassionately collect your pet. Your pet is transported to their facility on a bed and blanket in their dedicated pick-up vehicle.
  • In house euthanizing is available-physicians are paid directly and Nature’s Pet Loss adds no additional fees.
  • The Private Package includes a Beautiful Wooden Urn, Remembrance Paw Print, Hair Clipping, and also a Rainbow Bridge Poem.
  • You always receive a beautiful wooden urn for your loved one but you do have the option of purchasing a more decorative one if you would like, as well as necklace pendants that they can put a portion of your loved ones ashes in.
  • There are never more than two aquamations done on the same day so that your family member gets the full attention of the staff

What Do I Think

Nature's pet loss lobby Pet memorial viewing room

I personally visited this amazing facility and the staff just oozes compassion and love for your deceased loved one. You can take tours of the whole facility. Ask any question and it will be answered quickly and efficiently. If they aren’t sure (which is rare) they will go to the ends of the earth to figure out the answer for you. They are fully transparent about the process and everything it entails.

Walking into the lobby there is a beautiful room with couches and plenty of comfortable space. They have a room that is soundproof when you close the door to have a private viewing and say goodbye to your loved one. You can take as much time as you need and no one bothers you.

Nature's pet loss lobby Pet memorial viewing room Table for pet to be placed on

I met with Joyce Moreau, the owner of Natures Pet Loss, and her dogs, Jacques and Fawn, to talk about what is most important to her and her staff; The people, the pets, and their bond. When it comes to Aquamation, Joyce doesn’t care about the monetary part of the business, she cares about the pets and their humans. Joyce wants to make sure each and every person that walks through that door is cared for in this tragic time in their life. Water and snacks are offered, because she knows that when people are going through this hardship they forget to take care of themselves. Below is a short interview with Joyce about the part of her job that is most important to her.


Thinking about these things are hard but it is always great to know that there are options. I will say that Natures Pet Loss has my business for when that sad time comes with Lily and my turtle Jack.


Jess & Lily

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  1. Joyce Moreau says:

    Thank you, Jessica, for allowing us to send information out to others. Understanding you have a choice in the matter and not just what the vets offer is extremely important. We will always be here for the people. Let us know if there is anything we can do for your best friend Stephanie who passing of her pug Boo, take care and God bless.
    Joyce Moreau