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August 1, 2019

Pug laying in grass with pink flower petals

Doggo Bloggo is starting a new series of Pawdoption stories! This week we talked with Stephanie all about her pug Boo.

Interview (some Answers are paraphrased)


Pug laying in grass with pink flower petals looking to the right of the frameQuestion: How did you and Boo meet?

Basically I was at my boyfriend at the time’s house when my mom called me to tell me two dogs had run away and were in our yard. I’ve always wanted a pug and one of them was a pug so I left right away and headed home. When I got there I fell in love instantly of course. My dad decided to do the right thing and try to find the owners. Boo’s original owners came and got him when they saw the ad and I was devastated. Fast forward to a few months later and someone was knocking on my front door. I answered, and it was the people with Boo, his cage, food, and toys. They said that their kids weren’t in love with him and weren’t helping taking care of him so they wanted to see if I wanted him since they saw how much I loved him. My parents weren’t home so I said absolutely and grabbed him. And that is how Boo and I met.


letter board with the words stephanie and boo put on it with a heart and a cactusQuestion: If you had to pick what is your favorite memory with Boo?

My favorite memories of Boo involve the beach. He loved going to the beach, playing in the sand, and walking through the waves. I live in St. Augustine now and I started to love the beach after taking him there. I never liked the beach before that but now it reminds me of him and it is a happy place of mine.


dog toy bear sitting next to wooden urn of dog ashesQuestion: Okay, so one of the hardest part of having a pet is knowing they don’t live forever. I know unfortunately you had to deal with this part of pet ownership. Can you tell me more about how that process went for you?

I chose to cremate my family member with a process called Auqamation. I took him to Natures Pet Loss in Brooksville Florida. They have a room there where you can have a private funeral with your family members for your family member. I was able to sit and say goodbye to him before they took him away to be cremated in water. It is a gentle process that allows you to get more of your pet back than traditional fire cremation. They gave me a little ceramic thing with his foot prints and his name on it. I also got a little necklace with some of his ashes in it. I also got a bag of his hair and I requested his teeth as well. As hard as it all is, this process made me feel reassured I made the right decision.


“He Touched So Many Hearts”


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If you have a pawdoption story you’d like to share and you live in the central Florida area let me know!


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