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August 4, 2021

Hi Friends! Welcome back to Doggo Bloggo! Okay, so Lily and I have been a little silent on social media, the Bloggo, the Vloggo, emails, and just everything. But I promise it has been for a good reason. Lily and I are moving out of the apartment into a new home with, wait for it…..A BACKYARD! I Don’t know who is more excited me or Lily. Let’s be honest, it’s probably a tie. With that said, things have been a little crazy over here with finding the new place, rental agreements, packing, and finally moving! Through all of this, I have decided to share with you some tips I’ve utilized during moving day to help Lily not be stressed.

Before the Move

You can do some things before the move to get your pet ready for the big day.

  • Get your pet used to packing materials, let them smell everything and have it around the house so it is a normal thing by the time the day comes.
  • Stick to your pet’s normal schedule as much as possible amidst the changes. It will be comforting to have their routine.
  • If you are close enough, take dogs on a few walks around the new neighborhood before you move so they can get used to the smells and environment they are going to be in soon.
  • Exercise is key, physical and mental. Keep your pet from being stressed by keeping their body and mind occupied as much as possible.

It’s Moving Day! – Now What?

Depending on how long you have to transition into your new place and your pet’s temperament there are several ways you can approach the move.

  • Set up a safe place for your pet. This can be done at your current or future home. A bedroom or bathroom is a great space that can be closed off from all the moving day chaos. Keeping things in the room that are familiar and smell like you is a good idea. Food, water, and toys to keep your pet entertained and feeling comfortable.
  • Take time to check in with them throughout the day so they know you haven’t left them and that all the commotion is okay.
  • Another option is to have a trusted pet sitter or relative watch your pet for the day. Having someone familiar with them will keep them at ease.
  • When you are ready, give your pet a chance to explore the new place on their own. Don’t force them to check out a room or area they are hesitant about. For dogs, keep them on a leash and guide them around that way they know you’re there with them and safe.

After the Move

After you’ve moved in remember to keep an eye out for transition anxiety. Lily experienced this as it was a big move for her too. She is acting fine but has had some upset tummy issues; she is on the mend though! Remember that this transition can take a bit of time and just comfort your pet when they need reassurance. After a while, this will be just like home, because it is!

We hope you have a fantastic week. Stay Safe, Live, Love, and Pet all the animals!


Jess & Lily

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