Doggo Bath Time

March 4, 2020

Dog stands in tub after bath


Living in an apartment and washing a 45 pound dog can sometimes be an adventure. I am lucky to have family with a home and a yard where I can wash Lily sometimes too, but I was thinking what do other people do? What are the options? Below are what I think are the top 4 most available options for people with dogs that need baths, along with some of my favorite bath time tools I use for Lily.

Doggo Bath Options

At a house

My preferred method of doggo washing is with a hose outside. It’s easy clean up as it’s outside. When at my mom’s I use a tool she has that is actually for cleaning out the pool filter. It works really well for Lily and her longer haired dog. You just attach it to the the hose end and go! It can be purchased here: Aqua Comb

In an apartment

In an apartment like mine, that doesn’t offer a dog washing station, your only option is usually a tub. For a smaller dog the tub is a little easier, but with my medium sized dog and for those with bigger dogs it’s a little more difficult. I have a my own set up with a hose that connects to the shower head. My favorite doggo shampoo is Wahl Oatmeal Formula which is pictured on the top photo of this blog. It is a concentrate so you can use less but it seems to leave Lily smelling great for a long time after her wash. Plus Lily tends to be a little itchy and this helps with that as well.

Dog stands in tub before bathSelf Service Dog Wash

There are some pet stores that offer self service areas for a reduced rate from the professional services. They are available at stores like Petco but also at your local establishments as well. If you are in the Tampa FL area here are a couple of options: Health Mutt, Green Dog Wash, Wag Natural Pet Market.

Professionally Groomed

The easiest option is of course to take your pup to a professional groomer. Get your pooch washed, dryed, nails clipped, hair cut, and much more depending on the company. They have groomers, again at your local pet stores such as Petco or Petsmart,  but also check out your local groomer. Remember to tip your groomer!

Have a great week and have fun washing those puppies!


Jess & Lily

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