A Pawdoption Story | Stephanie & Kodak

January 22, 2020

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On Doggo Vloggo this week we interviewed Stephanie about her adoption of Kodak. Check out the interview below including the video version!

Interview (some answers are paraphrased)


Question: How did Kodak come into your life?

I grew up with a cocker spaniel named Bubba. I lost him in my early 20’s and after a few years I decided I really wanted another dog. So, my boyfriend and I began searching for a dog and that went on for a long time. I finally came across his posting with his cute little face and we just fell in love. I live in Chicago and we made a trip to Indiana to this rescue to go pick him up. Kodak actually had a twin brother so we weren’t sure which one we would be getting. My boyfriend sat on the ground and Kodak just crawled up in his lap with his little toy and curled up on him. We were just like, we HAVE to pick him. Kodak is a Pug and Australian Cattle Dog mix.


Question: What are some of his favorite activities or toys or things you like to do with him?

He is a very active dog. So, I can run him around for hours outside and he just recharges in like 10 mins. He loves to play with the ball outside at the park. That’s probably his favorite thing, just running and catching. He can run super fast and jumps really, really high. His favorite thing to do is anything that involves outside. He loves walks and loves seeing other dogs. He’s sometimes too high energy for other dogs because he just loves them so much. He will get up in their face and lick them and jump all over them. He just loves to be outside and he has the brightest, happiest personality


Question: What are some of his funny quirks you’ve discovered?

He likes to sploot a lot, or i call them frog legs. I catch him lying like that all the time so I have a ton of great photos of him just lying like that. He loves playing with his toys at home. When he yawns he does this cute little scream every time, which is pretty cute too.


Question: What are some of your favorite features of him?

I feel like he has the best parts of a Pug and a Cattle Dog. I love his pointed little ears, he still has a bit of a squished nose and his curly little Pug tail. People just love his face, they love how he just smiles all the time. I get comments from people all the time about his cute little smile.


Question: Is there anything else you can think of that you want to tell us about him?

He’s just really special, he’s the sweetest, most loving boy ever. He loves to cuddle with you and he is like the typical dog. My other dog in the past didn’t like to play fetch or do any of those typical dog things. But, Kodak is just like total dog. He loves to go out and play with balls, playing with other puppies, all the dog like things.



He makes my life brighter.


Be sure to check out the video portion of our interview as well on the youtube channel Doggo Vloggo and subscribe so you never miss a video!:

If you have a pawdoption story you’d like to share and you live in the central Florida area let me know!


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